ACTION! Grant Support Letters for Yacolt Burn Trails


pgragg: For a paper version, there's always This forum: Click > PISTONS WILD Motorsports Club FORUM > Yacolt Burn Trail Project > Official Yacolt Burn Motorized Trails Map Jul 9, 2015 3:04:12 GMT -8
pgragg: apologies... looks like the dnr site is down... the google search is still good, and I'm trying to find a pic that I can post... When were you wanting to head up? I'd be happy to meet up and show you where the trail heads are Jul 9, 2015 3:07:48 GMT -8
thedude: One more day of work and then Im on vacation!!!! Aug 26, 2015 20:15:47 GMT -8
pgragg: Got some goodies coming from PR Lighting Solutions as well as All 4 Offroad! :D ---for the sunday event :D Sept 18, 2015 1:28:33 GMT -8 *
y2kdakota: Is registration required to park at the cruise in? Or is that for competing in the categories? Sept 23, 2015 20:12:30 GMT -8
thedude: Registration is required to park at the cruise in. Sept 23, 2015 20:17:35 GMT -8
poorboy: Class II Atv Permit purchased! I'll be going to Ladee! Nov 11, 2015 13:06:25 GMT -8
pgragg: I heard that Colton's yota made the trip interesting... Anyway, THANKS! for taking care of him! :D #timeforSAS Nov 14, 2015 21:31:25 GMT -8
poorboy: I think a SAS would do him and you some good. Stronger pieces last longer! Nov 20, 2015 10:49:04 GMT -8
wvopowered: My Passport/Rodeo is not licensed I was planing on just getting a off road tag but it looks like wash has changed the way they do ohv tags now. What do I need to go on the trails at Yacolt Burn/Jones Creek Nov 20, 2015 19:33:22 GMT -8
wvopowered: Any body want to go run some trails on Saturday maybe over to Ladee I would need to go to Ore not licensed for wash yet Nov 25, 2015 18:33:22 GMT -8
thedude: Im going to be working on vehicles all day on Saturday. Have fun at Ladee. Nov 27, 2015 22:09:07 GMT -8
7m4x4dude: wvopowered- you need a discovery pass to run the trails in sw washington. Jan 22, 2016 16:39:22 GMT -8
thedude: Jan 26, 2016 9:53:40 GMT -8
pgragg: Feb 1, 2016 18:23:45 GMT -8
pgragg: The wind there looks horrible... Still worth it haha Feb 1, 2016 18:43:45 GMT -8
pgragg: Finishing up the fuel tank... Hope to see you all Tuesday in my extended cab! Feb 6, 2016 1:43:36 GMT -8
poorboy: Can somebody give me the official rules for the Cowbell please? May 8, 2016 15:26:47 GMT -8
Wyldman: The Cowbell... If you are a club member and you're on one of our wheelin' trips. If you get stuck on an obstacle and have to be pulled out by your winch or someone elses winch/strap. You earn the Cowbell. :) May 9, 2016 15:46:03 GMT -8
poorboy: Wyldman, I got to see the passing of the bell at the meeting and learned quite a bit about the tradition. May 11, 2016 13:03:11 GMT -8