ACTION! Grant Support Letters for Yacolt Burn Trails


thedude: The second Tuesday of every month at Pied Piper Pizza. Aug 4, 2014 15:55:41 GMT -8
thedude: As for the OHV tags if your a Washington resident you just have to go to the DMV and tell them that you want OHV tags for your truck. My suggestion would be to go to one of the main offices and avoid the strip mall DMV offices. Aug 4, 2014 15:58:50 GMT -8
thedude: Wade, I see that you were able to log on. I looked at your profile last night but didnt see anything that I could do to fix your issues. So I have to ask, what did you do different? Oct 19, 2014 20:26:47 GMT -8
petee: Did you just say Wade has issues? Oct 23, 2014 17:46:54 GMT -8
thedude: Technically speaking... Yes Oct 23, 2014 20:17:09 GMT -8
thedude: I'm bored. But I'm also at work so I can't go do anything fun either Nov 5, 2014 14:23:47 GMT -8
petee: are you saying texting me wasnt fun? Nov 10, 2014 21:32:36 GMT -8
thedude: That reminds me. I forgot to tell you what the single mom said to me. It was priceless! Nov 11, 2014 22:51:19 GMT -8
petee: I wish my phone showed the shout out.........what did she say....Jesus loves you. Nov 20, 2014 21:09:07 GMT -8
thedude: That and that cocaine keeps your girl skinny Nov 21, 2014 11:33:25 GMT -8
pistonschick: Petee and Dude. Really? Find another topic... Nov 21, 2014 13:09:27 GMT -8
pistonschick: We had joy, we had fun, we had seasons in the sun... Stuck in my head ALL damn DAY! Thanks Daryl. Nov 24, 2014 13:38:43 GMT -8
poorboy: *looks around the room sheepishly* Hello? Nov 24, 2014 19:06:20 GMT -8
thedude: Thats why I picked that song! lol Nov 24, 2014 21:36:36 GMT -8
thedude: Hello Poorboy Nov 24, 2014 21:37:25 GMT -8
poorboy: I've been out of the area for ten years. Now I'm back. Lots of changes in that time. Nov 25, 2014 0:11:30 GMT -8
thedude: Only 4 people have logged on in the last 24 hours. Must be a holiday weekend Nov 28, 2014 19:01:40 GMT -8
watchdog: where do I find info about the Club Christmas party Nov 30, 2014 10:40:15 GMT -8
thedude: In the members only section. Nov 30, 2014 16:33:42 GMT -8
pgragg: Wanted to post a new thread on the garbage run I made yesterday. I think the appropriate thread would be in Yacolt burn forest watch patrol but it's password blocked... I posted on the friends of Yacolt burn FB page Dec 14, 2014 7:47:28 GMT -8